Speaker Guidelines Bar Convent Brooklyn 2020, June 9&10

What we are looking for:

Speakers that share best practices, ideas and innovations that will benefit the members of the professional bar and beverage community both domestically and internationally. 
Presenters should provide cutting-edge information to keep the audience competitive, help them gain a fresh perspective and have actionable take- aways that one can implement in their everyday work environment, business, or personal development.

Please note: If you have submitted a session in the past for another global BCB event, you will still need to resubmit your session independently for BCB Brooklyn. 


Bartenders, bar owners, directors and managers, F&B managers, restaurants, distributors

Session Topic Areas:

Business, Leadership & Legal, Entrepreneurship

Future of the Industry

Advanced Bartending/ Techniques

Bar, Beverage and Hospitality Operations

Personal Development/ Career Opportunities (From Bar back to bartender to bar manager)

Community & Society (Health, Wellness, Sustainability, Diversity)

Your innovative idea (that will contribute to the growth and development of the attendees)

Speaker Benefits:

  • Enhance the knowledge and skills of their industry peers
  • Share their passion and knowledge and gain professional and personal recognition as a subject matter expert
  • Enhance the name recognition of their company
  • Receive a complimentary pass to BCB Brooklyn
  • Access to BCB VIP Lounge
  • BCB will cover appropriate transportation and accommodation for presenters located outside the Local Area (outside a three hundred (300) mile radius out of NYC)

BCB will take care of the booking according to speakers’ schedule. No appearance fees will be covered.

Speaker Responsibilities

Speakers must agree to submit their contracts, bios, photos, videos and presentations by the agreed-upon deadlines.

Speakers must agree to help promote their session at Bar Convent Brooklyn through emails, videos, social media and/or other avenues.

Session lengths and A/V:

Every speaker will have up to 45 minutes to present his or her topic, including Q&A.

A stage, podium, loudspeaker, projector, computer, microphone will be provided.

Submission guidelines:

Be creative, thorough and informative and make sure to tailor your presentation to the audience.

Deadline for submitting proposals is Monday, January 27th

Please note that the presentations should not include tasting components.

Education content must be commercial free and vendor neutral.  Speakers, under NO circumstances, may promote their company or product in the education program.

Review process:

An independent seminar selection panel led by Angus Winchester, Director of Education, will review all submissions and approve each session in order to deliver and ensure the best quality, diversity and range of programming. The panel consists of industry experts that provide a great cross section of experience and communities. Maike Kumstel, Content Manager, will contact you at the beginning of March and inform you if your submission has been accepted. At that time, you will receive further information and instructions.

Submissions will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • The speaker's expertise;
  • The quality and appropriateness of subject matter for the target audience;
  • Precision of description of learning objectives/ key take- aways
  • Sufficient breadth and depth of information on the topic
  • Potential to improve the knowledge and skills of audience
  • Actionable take- aways
  • Fit to length of the sessions
  • No commercial aspects
  • Originality, relevance/ importance and innovation level of presentation (preference going to sessions not presented elsewhere).

The committee makes sure that the presentation aligns with the overarching conference content strategy and offers a variety of topics. BCB Brooklyn seeks to promote inclusion and celebrate diversity, and welcomes all submissions. 

Please note that we receive a large number of submissions and unfortunately have a limited number of sessions that are curated for the BCB education program.

We THANK YOU in advance for your time and submission.       

Timeline/ Deadlines:

Seminar proposal submission period:                      Monday, December 2nd to Monday, January 27th

Submission deadline:                                                     Monday, January 27th

Reviewing process:                                                         Tuesday, January 28th  to Monday, March 2nd

Seminar confirmations/

Call for headshots and submission edits:                Monday, March 2nd

Speakers’ reconfirmation

and headshots/ final submissions:                            Thursday, March 10th     

Declination Emails:                                                          Thursday, March 12th     

If you have questions please contact Maike Kumstel, Content Manager, Email: mkumstel@reedexpo.com or Phone: 203-840- 5698