June 10-11, 2025
Industry City | Brooklyn, NY


Bar Convent Brooklyn continues to be committed to sustainability, as part of our parent company, RX Global’s pledge to be Net Zero Carbon by 2040. We are mindful of the environmental impact our shows can have which is why Bar Convent Brooklyn implements various initiatives aimed at reducing waste and lessening environmental impact.


  • Separate recycling bins can be found next to each trash bin at the event with a dedicated team responsible for sorting waste and recyclable materials.
  • All cups and cutlery used during the event are recyclable and/or compostable.
  • BCB Brooklyn staff shirts are ethically produced and made from recycled materials. The factory producing the shirts prioritizes solar energy into its manufacturing processes.
  • Visitors can access water provided by BCB Brooklyn’s official water sponsor, Nestlé, whose portfolio uses recyclable and reusable materials.

Materials Reduction

  • Booth builds and publication bin materials from our official show contractor, FB International, are reused materials lessening energy consumption.
  • Repurposed signage from year to year and lessened print materials.
  • Repurposed astroturf from year to year.
  • BCB Brooklyn offers digital tools and technology for things like lead retrieval to reduce the need for business cards and brochures.

Composting Efforts

  • Great Performances, BCB Brooklyn’s official catering company, composts all used and excess garnishes. Materials are also recycled and reused.
  • All cups provided by BCB Brooklyn for sampling, including within the Liquid Lounges are compostable and devoid of PFAS additives.

Trees for the Future

  • In a partnership with Trees for the Future, the BCB Brooklyn pledges to plant ten trees for each visitor who registers for the event.

Sustainability Sessions

  • Each year, BCB Brooklyn offers education sessions focused on sustainability to inform, provide best practices and build awareness for climate action to our industry professionals.

Part of a Larger Mission

Learn more about RX Global’s Net Zero Carbon Events pledge to being net zero by 2040 and to make a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.