Bio:  Matt Levy founded the Covert Cocktail Club (CCC) in 2016, starting as a speakeasy in Brooklyn and evolving into a virtual cocktail class during the pandemic. Now, with CCC v3.0, Matt offers in-person cocktail experiences anywhere, drawing on his expertise as a self-taught mixologist recognized by Punch and the New York Times.


Handle: @joanna.lin

Bio: Joanna is a Creative Director and Photographer known for her work documenting the bar & hospitality industry. Her Instagram & travel brand “Ready Set Jo” (@joanna.lin) documents her love for adventure and cocktails around the world, and her content creation studio, STUDIOJO, oversees social media for bars/restaurants & brands such as Employees OnlyMartiny'sZacapa Rum, Sleeping Giant Hospitality, and more. 


Handle: @johnnydrinks_

Bio: John Rondi and his father John Rondi Sr. form the dynamic duo behind JohnnyDrinks, a popular content creation team with a massive following of over 4 million across various social media platforms. Their journey began during the early days of the pandemic when Rondi, seeking entertainment, spontaneously filmed his dad making a cocktail with a touch of Frank Sinatra music, which unexpectedly went viral on TikTok, garnering tens of thousands of views. Today, JohnnyDrinks has grown into a large brand across multiple social media platforms and has launched its own liquor and merch products. 


Bio: Sarah is a photographer and videographer with a passion for capturing the essence and allure of cocktails. With an eye for detail and a creative mindset, she brings drinks to life through her lens. When Sarah isn't behind the camera, you can find her exploring new flavors and experimenting with making cocktails. She believes that her genuine enthusiasm for the craft fuels her creativity.


Bio: Alyssa La Spisa is your favorite girl about town and the voice behind The Recommendista, your guide to New York City life, food, and travel. She’s the friend in the know who is your travel companion, dinner date, and cocktail connoisseur all in one. She is always on the hunt for new experiences to tell her growing following about, from can’t-miss restaurants to splurge-worthy hotels. She’s here to tell you Where the Hot Guys Eat, pull you aboard the Martini Train, and give you the inside scoop on all the newest hot spots in NYC and beyond.