June 11-12, 2024
Industry City | Brooklyn, NY


Bar Convent Brooklyn welcomes members of the Media from around the world and is happy to provide approved media members with a complimentary Media Badge. Bar Convent Brooklyn Media Registration is open for journalists regularly making editorial contributions (editorial press) only. Editorial press includes writers, reporters, reviewers, producers, etc. who are attending specifically to write about Bar Convent Brooklyn and/or cover the event for newspapers, magazines, TV, blogs, podcasts, radio, etc.

Media Badges are limited in nature and will be issued only to professionally employed adults. Badges will not be issued to children, family or guests.

Please Note:  If you are applying with a team or crew, each person on your team needs to apply and be approved separately. Every individual applying for a Media Badge may only apply once. Please note: Media Badges are non-transferable and non-resellable.

You also must be 21 and over to attend and a government issued ID is required to gain entry. Anyone under 21 will not be permitted on the premises. 

Media Registration for Bar Convent Brooklyn is now open. Please note: We will NOT be accepting registrations for Media onsite.



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