Matt Levy

Matt Levy launched the Covert Cocktail Club in November 2016 in his former home in Bushwick, as an intimate space for people to gather over cocktails and conversation. Craft cocktails were the perfect Venn diagram of everything Matt loves: NYC history, engaging hospitality, unique experiences, and booze. And as a life-long DIYer and two-decade career-based NYC tour guide, Matt was always up to teaching himself a new skill - measuring and pouring, shaking and stirring, straining and garnishing. Always practicing and always working on his craft.

The Covert Cocktail Club v.1 was a speakeasy that existed for five years in Brooklyn. Now, with the CCC v.2, Matt has made his services available online (here’s looking at you, Corporate!) and IRL (Have Shaker, Will Travel) for anyone and everyone to learn how to make better cocktails at home. As a self-taught mixologist, Matt knows firsthand that everyone can make perfectly balanced cocktails, provided they have three things - quality ingredients, the right bartools, and practice. Because craft cocktails is not always about what's in the glass; it's about what's in the air - sharing a laugh with colleagues, friends and loved ones, teaching yourself a new skill, honing an old one, or discovering a unknown, delicious passion.  

Matt has seen couples on first dates at the CCC later get married; he's spent hundreds of hours geeking out with fellow cocktail aficionados over nerdery like the pros and cons of the reverse dry shake. And with the CCC v.2 he is spreading this gospel of DIY craft cocktails far and beyond his NYC home.

The CCC has been written about in Punch and in the New York Times and he has been hired for customized IRL Cocktail Experiences with WeWork, Q Mixers. Niche Importers & the Brooklyn Whiskey Fest. He has worked virtually with NVIDIA, A10, Okta, Maybelline, Zoom, and tons others.