Michele Alfonso

Michele is an Italian mixologist, a true expert behind the art of cocktails. A career bartender for over ten years, Michele has worked at some of the top bars in Italy and New York, and has consulted on drink strategies for major brands of the beverage industry. Originally from Bari - Puglia, he has brought his Italian culture and education to the States in 2017. Since then he has curated the behind the bar scene of places such as, Soho House, Esca, Gurney's Resorts and at the same time worked as head instructor at the New York Bartending School, an institution when it comes to learning about bartending. His passion for spirits has inspired him to come up with unique recipes where even the smallest details are carefully curated, with the aim of creating a sensational experience in both product and service for his customers. When it comes to drinks, Michele enjoys simplicity and harmony of flavors and a genuine, perpetual approach to hospitality.

What I am looking forward to most about BCB22 is to finally attend an hospitality event after the struggling times that our industry was affected by because of COVID-19 and hopefully be able to see some smiles behind the bar. I can't wait to meet other industry professionals and discover new products.