Bar Convent Brooklyn (BCB) is looking forward to when we can reunite together as an industry, but until then, we’re developing innovative ways to connect with our community virtually to offer support, spark creativity, and spread some love.

With that in mind, we kicked off BCB’s Cocktail Madness – a friendly virtual cocktail competition with a twist! Focusing on classic cocktails, this competition took contestants back to basics and into their pantry as they went from margaritas to martinis, culminating in a final bartender’s choice round to select the winner.

We selected a diverse group of 16 bartenders who showcased their skills virtually on @BarConventBrooklyn’s Instagram page—thank you to all who participated and congratulations to the winners!

First Place: Fatima Butler (@therealfatibee)

Second Place: Chau Tran (@chaueth)

Third Place: Zach Sapato (@zsapato)

Round 1 – Margarita

Round 2 – Old Fashioned

Round 3 – Martini

Round 4 – Bartender’s Choice