We’re excited to bring back the second annual Cocktail Madness competition! We had so much fun connecting with you and seeing your creative twists on the classics last year that we're bringing it back in 2021!

Following a bracket format, three industry judges (last year's winners, in fact) will select an eclectic group of 16 bartenders to participate. Bartenders will be asked to showcase their skills virtually as they shake and stir preset cocktails, which will be judged via a poll on BCB’s IG Story. Each week, the remaining bartenders will be asked to craft a new cocktail until there is one final winner.

All participants will receive a monetary prize for joining in on the fun with us.

How the competition will work:

  • Judges will select 16 bartenders to face off against one another in a bracket style competition.
  • Each bartender will be asked to create a cocktail along with a 30 second video mixing each cocktail.
    • First Round: Highball (All 16 bartenders participate)
    • Second Round: Jungle Bird (Remaining 8 bartenders)
    • Third Round: Champagne Cocktail (Remaining 4 bartenders)
    • Fourth Round/Semi-Finals: Bartender’s Choice (Remaining 4 bartenders)
  • Voting will be done by BCB’s audience through Instagram Story polls at @BarConventBrooklyn.
  • The bartender with the most votes goes on to the next round until there is one overall winner.

The prizes:

  • $1,000 first place
  • $500 second place
  • $250 third place
  • $50 for all other participants (4th through 16th)

2021 Recipes

Round 1 – Highball

Round 2 – Jungle Bird

Round 3 – Champagne Cocktail

Round 4 – Bartender’s Choice

2020 Winners

First Place: Fatima Butler (@therealfatibee)

Second Place: Chau Tran (@chaueth)

Third Place: Zach Sapato (@zsapato)

2020 Recipes

Round 1 – Margarita

Round 2 – Old Fashioned

Round 3 – Martini

Round 4 – Bartender’s Choice