June 11-12, 2024
Industry City | Brooklyn, NY



Cultivated Cool: The Craft Approach to Frozen Drinks

Ben Schaffer, Jelani Jah Johnson, Garret Richard


Gucci, Dior, Daiquiri, Daisy: How Art & Design Influence Cocktail Trend

Kelsey Ramage, Nicolas Torres, Hampus Thunholm, Danny Ronen

Changing the Buzz

Ivy Mix, Ryan Malkin


Don't Burnout! Techniques for Drinks Professionals to Manage Emotional and Mental Stress

Lindsay Matteson, Laura Louise Green

The Sustainable Future of Drinking

Stephanie Jordan, Mark Byrne, Omid Mcdonald

A Farm To Glass Model - Putting Producers & Produce At The Centre of The Guest Experience

Alex Francis

Lost in Transformation - How to create a business model for the future of the industry

Briana Volk, Mika Ammunet, Andrew Volk


Why Good Spirits Don't Last

Jonathan Pogash, Jackie Summers, Simon Ford

Beyond Tequila & Mezcal

Liz Furlong, Alejandro Rossbach, Rodrigo Bojorquez Bours

The Umami Project

Monica Samuels, Tom Richter, Kira Webster

No More Shift Drinks

Michael Toscano, Robert Björn Taylor, Naomi Levy

Fake it, Make it, or Break it: How to Make and Use Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Bases

Derek Brown, Lauren Paylor, Seth O'Malley

Hotel F&B: Creating and Maintaining a True Sustainability Program

Edie Burns, Thais Rodriguez, Lucas Groglio

Do Androids Dream of Electric Menus? The Presence, Potential, and Pitfalls of the Digital Cocktail Menu

Amanda Elder